On the 3rd of July a safety driving course was held for the members of New Generations Supercars at Circuit of Castelloli. The participants performed sliding tests, braking and rollover simulations with the Cupra Formentor cars. After finishing the activities in the course, they also did several difft activities with Nissan cars, giving them confidence and control in case they find themselves in the scenario where they have to regain control of the vehicle while driving.

After showing their abilities they received the diploma and certification of the safety driving course by the side of the instructors of Fast Parcmotor and the presidents of New Generations Supercars Ariadna Nuez and Ariadna Verge. This is the first edition of many, it was very successful as the members had a lot of fun and learned the key driving tips everyone should follow. We encourage all those who have not done the course yet to sign up for the next one as it is essential to ensure a safe driving. We look forward to the next one!

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