FR Moto surprised everyone with its high level and pace in the 24 h of motorcycling at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Being the fastest team in free practice and setting a spectacular pole position, taking more than 1 second off the following classified team.

The historic endurance race started with many surprises. The team that started from pole position, FR Moto (Asrin Ruede Pak, Jacopo Cretaro, David Sanchís, Pedro Rodríguez), lost many positions, dropping to 29th place due to a problem when engaging first gear.

Then the team did a fast lap followed by another fast lap and climbed up to first place again in a matter of a few laps, giving everyone in the crowd a glimpse of their precision and very aggressive driving.

Problems began to complicate the race and the departure of the safety car alongside of a 15 minute pit stop by FR Moto made in order to change the front braking system and brake discs, which left the Kawasaki Català team leading the race.

FR Moto continued to score the fastest laps and continued fighting with a very fast pace, beating the first team by more than 1 second per lap, even though it was impossible to achieve the victory, they kept climbing up until they reached the 2nd place in the overall race and in the EWC.

The whole team is aware of the meritorious P2, but conscious of their very high possibilities of fight for the victory in the 2023 season.

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