It all began in 1963 with the Mistral. Then the Ghibli, Bora, and many others followed. Naming our creations after winds is a Maserati tradition. Now it’s time for the Grecale, the strong, cool, Mediterranean wind bringing a new wave of technology, performance and design feats.

New Generations attended to the private presentation in the facilities of Maserati Barcelona, Cars Gallery (Passeig de Bonanova). It was an amazing afternoon where all guests could enjoy a cocktail and learn all about the new Maserati Grecale by listening to the product expert who was there to resolve any doubts we could have about the car. Jaume Queralt, the artist and his son Jack Queralt accompanied us in this special events with some paintings based on Maserati. There was a show room where the car and paintings were exposed.

The Grecale embraces a new luxury paradigm made of tradition, innovation, and concrete vision. Every detail has a purpose. Every function expresses emotion, down to the smallest knob. I  The Grecale features only our latest engine capabilities. Besides the 300 or 330hp mild hybrid propulsion comes the super powerful yet efficient 530hp V6 Nettuno engine which reaches the top speed of 285km/h. It provides 4 driving modes; Comfort, GT, Sport and Off Road but the Maserati Trofeo also has the Corsa driving mode if you are looking for the maximum performance.

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