Lunch and AMG Visit

The new generations had their New Year Events lunch with a visit to the largest AMG space in southern Europe, located in the Cars Barcelona facilities.

This AMG Performance Center is the largest in the country and one of the largest in Europe. Turning Cars Barcelona into the reference concession of the AMG brand at the state level and one of the most important in the world. The AMG Performance Center of Cars Barcelona is at the level of the best centers of the German firm such as the one in Tokyo or Hamburg.

This pioneering and exclusive AMG center offers top quality service and highly personalized treatment in the more than 500 specialized AMG square meters located inside the Cars Barcelona dealership (P. Manuel Girona nº49). This AMG showroom and sales hall features a uniform and highly attractive design with the visual representation of the unique AMG brand identity, honoring the firm’s philosophy: “One man, one engine.” In addition, high-quality materials, elegant installations and a representative AMG color scale have been used, creating an exclusive environment to receive the best advice.

Article of: Oriol Nuez.

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